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Thought i'd tell you bout, your Linea 77 fansite creator...i will have a pic of me on this page as soon as i can get my hands on a scanner : )

NaMe: Mike Sutcliffe(not related to the serial killer)

BoRn: Grimsby, England(still here *cries*)


MaRRieD: No

GiRLFRieND: No(gimme a break, i'm working on it)

AIM NaMe: knottybizkit

MSN NaMe: Ketchup Suicide

FaVE BaNDS: KoRn, Deftones, Slipknot, Will Haven,
Raging Speedhorn, Limp Bizkit, soulfly, Pantera...and well it goes without saying but LINEA 77 obviously!!!

HoBBieS: Using my comp to build this site also using it to
chat to my internet buddys and just whatever else i use it for.

Going out to pubs, clubs, gigs and drinking alcoholic beverages while i'm there.

Listening to music(very loud!!!)